Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happiness is a present attitude......

The number of things just outside the perimeter of my financial reachremians constant no matter how much my financial condition improves. With each increase in my income a new perimeter formsand I experience the same relative sense of lack. I believe that I know the specific amount needed that would allow me to have or do these few things, I can't afford and if my income would increase by that much, I would be happy. Yet when the increase comes, I find that I am still discontent because from my new financial position, I can now see a whole new set of things, I don't have. The problem will be solved when I accpet that happiness is a present attitude and not a future condition.
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Falling in love with each other's innocence..

There is spiritual relationship that has no connection with ego relationship. Ego Love will die. But if we can gently establish ourselves, within the spiritual relationship, it will outlast the end of the three and a half years of hormones, teh fading of our bodies' blossoming periods, and the withering of age. and once we are in spiritual relationship, even death can't touch love. So, every day let us fall more deeply in love with each other's innocence. Within innocence we are already one....
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