Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yeh mera tumhara jo rishta hai...

Yeh mera tumhara jo rishta hai,
Hai ek mehakta khwoab......
Jismein basta rooh-e-aab
Likha hai jo dil-e-roshnai se saaf
Thoda sa jalte tum, thoda si main
Phir bhi nazar na aati koi raakh
Khilti chaandni mein nahaya,
Yeh meri umeed ka chehra
Aaina hai us raaste ka
Milti hai hasraton ko jahan panaah
Faaslein hain lekin bahut khwahish-e-darmiyaan
Guzar raha hai yeh rishta
Dabaye seene mein mukkammal hone ki chah
posted by Reetika at 9/18/2007 05:42:00 PM


To Reeeetika .. the first ray of Sun!
She is femininity incarnate
Her face radiating intelligence
Exuding confidence and courage
Her eyes gleaming with compassion
A gentle soul with poise and grace
Such soft and clear voice of exuberance
Heart nurtured with warmth and passion
Sensitized and awakened she moves souls
Restlessly she toils to make a difference
Moving like a lioness head held high
She is nobility and poetry in motion
Behind beautiful angelic face lies
A deep sea of feelings and emotions
Such uncanny and candid thoughtfulness
Such depth and breadth of assimilation
Blessed with coy simplicity and humility
She is path-breaker commanding adulation
A magnificent creation of divine intervention
She is a woman, a jewel crafted with perfection !

September 20, 2007 1:47 PM  

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