Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shift in perception from looking good and being GOOD

Did I pick the right person ? This questioninverts the starting and ending points.We do not pick our perfect match because we ourselves are not perfect. The universe hands us a flawless diamond - in the rough. Only if we are willing to polish off every part of ourselves that cannot join do we end up with a soul mate.....

The usual means of selecting one's mate is no less dominated by appearances. Those seen as ordinary are not considered in first go. Period.

But if the calves are a centimeter wider, if the eyes are centimeter wider..... if the career gives the right impression..if the ageis less..and hair are longer......etc etc..the individual is attractive and desirable and worthy.No one is would be so dumb as to pick a friend because he or she has good legs, and yet considerations such as that influence the choice of one's life partner. What comfort is a complexion or hour glass figure, when you must come home all tired exhausted....to share professional tensions in the evning ? What tenderness and fun can the right height give to a new born child ? And in illness what compassion can come from net worth of a man ?

Looks good or is GOOD ( person): that is the needed SHIFT in perception.....

- excerpts from Notes to Each Other
posted by Reetika at 2/08/2007 09:14:00 PM

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