Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nightmare of a guy....

COMMITTMENT, a sense of responsibility...emotional and above all physical fidelity.....bcoz of misconceived notions and conditioning they belive they will lose part of their machismo...lose the predatory image when are in some serious relationship....... it's really a herculean task to get them committed..... may be a need of companionship..a sense of compassion...to fulfill an obligation...or a desire for a friend that one will keep for life.......

And this is what a friend of mine has to say about the thoughts expressed above.....

Woman's spiritual mind, which is the mind of the human spirit, has more contact with this natural world than man. This is what makes the woman's mind so perceptive. wht some would refer to as "women's intuition," is simply this vast area of perception. If a person thinks every thought imaginable, it shouldn't seem too surprising if at most times, they hit the nail right on the head of what they feel is or might be such as being sensitive to the subliminal vibes of other people. It's like a multiple-choice test. Its just tht the person has to chose the right answer. All answers r given already.

The same hold true with women's mind. This explains why men need women, and exemplifies the foolishness of men not listening, whenever the woman may speak and advise him.

In finding love, one must be cautious of not getting themselves involved with deceiving circumstances. Deceiving circumstances happen when it "appears" to be love on the outside, but actually it's the same muck that you previously stepped in time after time.

committment is a delicate situation. what are you going to trust: your perceptions, or trust that your frn / partner knows better what's good for you? you do need space to figure this out. but the sort of space I'm talking about is the mental space of looking within yourself to find out how you truly feel.
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