Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wonder if you know...........

Sometimes I wonder if you know
Exactly how I feel
We’ve held each other
And shared a kiss or two
But every time you walk away
I lose my heart n mind for you
You come to me when you feel bad
And everything goes wrong
Always expecting happiness
And to hear a cheery song
I sympathize and pull you close
And try to ease your pains
When the sun comes back, you are gone
‘Til the next time that it rains
I’ll always be here when you hurt
I know you know I’ll stay
But I’m not sure you’d miss me
If I ever went away
Friends in deed are a very rare find
Not too many stick it out through the good times and bad
Giving no cause to doubt
So don’t take that friend for granted
Tomorrow you may be alone
With no one around to listen you
And yearn for me like you’ve never known
posted by Reetika at 8/09/2007 06:02:00 PM


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