Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The primary joy of life is Acceptance, Approval and sense of Appreciation. Flowing with whatever happens, letting mind FREE is key to happiness. Stay centered by accepting whatever life brings to you...... no cribbing nothing........ this will take you to state of permanent happiness.

Acceptance is observation of life and suspension of judgement that whatever is happening is good or bad, right or wrong.Today I cannot control ocean tides...I can go with the flow.......when I struggle and try to organise the oceanic waves according to my specification, I sink. But if I let go and float, I am borne afloat. Acceptance is not submission....it is acknowledgement of the facts of a situation and then deciding what I am going to do about it.
posted by Reetika at 7/31/2007 06:27:00 PM


So very true and apt observation... may u blissfully float on ocean of life , always smilin and feather-lite !

November 13, 2007 3:40 PM  

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